Personal Training at
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An Individualized Approach

All training is conducted in a private or semi-private training session with your coach. Client’s form and technique is constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure safety and effectiveness at all times.

Every client is placed on an individualized program based on their needs, goals, abilities, and level of experience. Workout by workout we will progress you through your training program (and at times push you) at a pace appropriate for you. We will make sure you are making consistent and steady progress week by week, month by month.

Strength Focused Training

As we age, our body begins to rapidly lose strength and shed muscle mass. If you don’t address this issue it can have severe consequences later in life.

A training program that is primarily focused on building strength and muscle is the first step towards achieving your individual goals. It is the foundation that almost everyone lacks, and is the place where we start our clients.

More strength and muscle will improve your appearance and speed up your metabolism. More strength and muscle will improve your resistance to disease such as osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. More strength will improve your performance in sport and in life.

A stronger body will give you more energy, more vigor and vitality, and more confidence to pursue the things in life you love.

My clients come to me initially with a varied and broad assortment of needs and goals. Some need to lose weight, some need to gain weight. Many clients have a host of health issues they are trying to resolve. Some are active in sports or competition that are physically demanding.

Almost all are unhappy with the way that they currently look and feel. At the heart of these issue are a basic lack of strength and muscle mass.

We will address this issue early in your program. We will help you build a foundation of strength and muscle and teach you how to strength train properly and injury free.

How to Get Started with Personal Training?

get started with personal trainingIf you want to get started on a personal training program, the first step is to request an initial consultation using the form below. The consultation is completely free and there are no high pressure sales tactics. After making your request for consultation, we’ll be in touch with you very shortly to schedule a day and time.

The consultation is an informal meet and greet where you can ask questions and we can discuss your goals in greater detail.

Prior to booking your consultation I’ll email you information about pricing and scheduling. This will ensure my rates are within your budget and that our schedules can coordinate for a training program.

If rates and scheduling are agreeable to you, then we can proceed with our initial consultation and book your first training appointment shortly thereafter. Typically I will meet with my clients two times per week for about an hour at each
training session.

In certain circumstances we may meet more often or less often, but most find that a twice weekly schedule is appropriate for their goals and lifestyle.

I do not use contracts at Andy Baker Personal Training.

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