Functional Training – The Deadlift

The ability to pick up a heavy object that is lying on the floor is a necessary component of being a functional, physically fit adult.  The inability to pick up heavy objects from the floor means that we are not truly independent.  In other words, we require the assistance of others to help us perform [...]

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Are You Doing Everything You Can???

As a personal trainer and strength coach I hear from a lot of people on a fairly regular basis about all of the results they want from a training.  People may want to lose 50 lbs of fat.  They may want to add 20 lbs of muscle.  They may want to remedy a host of [...]

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Good Trainers vs Bad Trainers

When you walk into a gym, how do you know if the guy with “Trainer” or “Coach” on his shirt actually knows what he’s doing? As a member of the lay public, it may never even have occurred to you that there are differences in the level of experience and expertise among the people in [...]

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The Myth of “Bulking Up” in Women

Have you heard that rumor before? The one that postulates that women shouldn’t really get involved in heavy weight training because they might accidently “bulk up” too much?  For years this false notion has prevented thousands of women – and even men these days – from undertaking an effective strength & conditioning program for fear [...]

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Healthy Aging is Strong Aging

A quiet revolution is transforming the way we think about fitness and health in the aging adult.  It’s changing our concept of what aging is, how it should be approached by doctors and patients, and how its worst effects can be blunted or even reversed through an intelligent exercise prescription. Recent research and ample amounts [...]

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The TRUTH about Fat Loss

Regardless of age, gender, or goal, just about every new client I start with would like to flatten out their stomach a bit and lose some body fat It’s normal and nothing to be ashamed of to want a flatter stomach and less body fat.  Our society and culture have essentially decided for us that [...]

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Overcoming Negative Attitudes, False Beliefs, and Bad Habits

Many new clients will tell me that they are not disciplined when it comes to behaviors based around diet and exercise. I always counter with this with the same answer:  You are 100% disciplined. You are 100% disciplined to your current set of conditioned habits, attitudes, and beliefs.   Whatever unhealthy or toxic habits, attitudes, and [...]

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Combating Frailty in Older Adults

Generally when you read an article about fitness, we often talk about losing weight, reducing body fat, or fighting back the epidemic of obesity. But losing weight is not the only reason to go to a gym. In fact, if you are an older adult (think 60+) then it is very likely that obesity is [...]

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3 Keys for Fitness After 40

Everyone over 40 knows (without having to be reminded by me) that your physical fitness starts to decline fairly precipitously as we get into our 40s and beyond.  And with every decade beyond that, the decline becomes more and more rapid, and the results of the decline become more consequential. First and foremost, as we [...]

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