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Wayne Picotte, Age 63

After many decades of living a sedentary lifestyle I had begun to experience the negative impact of steadily losing my strength & muscle mass. Additionally, my shoulders had lost a good deal of their range of motion, and I routinely experienced mild joint and lower back pain.

I was apprehensive about starting a strength program because I was afraid my age and physical condition wouldn’t allow me to succeed. At this point, just lifting a 20 lb box felt like a workout. I was also afraid my occasional hip, back, and knee pain would worsen if I tried to lift weights.

At my son’s urging I began looking for a personal trainer experienced with people my age, and a program appropriate for my abilities; something that would strengthen my bones, muscles, and joints and improve my overall level of fitness...read more

About Andy Baker


With over 13 years of dedicated strength coaching experience, Andy Baker is one of the most sought after private strength coaches in the industry. Andy has provided strength & conditioning coaching to dozens of elite athletes and hundreds of clients who want to change their lives through his methods. In addition to opening Kingwood Strength & Conditioning in 2007, Andy has been a featured speaker at several prominent industry events, and is the co-author of the best-selling Practical Programming for Strength Training. Andy is a former U.S. Marine and while serving on active duty received his undergraduate degree in Health & Sport Science from the American Military University. Andy also holds the industry’s highest credentials available from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting, and is a certified Starting Strength Coach. Andy is a Kingwood native, and a graduate of Kingwood High School. He resides in Kingwood with his wife Laura, and 2 children.

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Widely considered to be the most comprehensive book in print on the programming of strength training, Practical Programming details the multi-year process that a trainee might follow from a raw beginner to intermediate to the advanced level. Practical Programming takes an in-depth look at the physiology of adaptation, and lays out detailed plans of how a trainee should structure their training programs at the novice, intermediate, or advanced levels.

The text includes programs for anyone from the competitive Power Lifter, to the 65 year old novice, to the 15 year old kid picking up a set of weights for the first time.

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